How to Visualize Your Career Goals w/ Powerful Penny

MADE By Powerful Penny

Self-Assessment Quiz ─ True or False:

  • I can imagine which outfit I’ll wear to my next interview.
  • I can see my new workspace in my mind.
  • I can envision my bank balance being positive, all the time!
  • I can just picture the perfect boss.

Let’s face it, job hunting is brutal. In fact, it pretty much sucks. No matter if it’s your first time out, you’ve been downsized, have chosen to re-enter the job force, or have been fired, finding a new job is NOT fun.

But don’t worry, I got you! So far, you’ve learned about eating Pink Elephants and setting SMART goals. You overachievers probably made yours extra SMART. I hope you’ve placed your Pink Elephants somewhere you can see them. Every. Single. Day.

I’m using my Verizon commercial voice when I ask, “Can you see them now?”

Great! Let’s go a step further today, BEYOND seeing the mere written words. I want you to physically see images of your Pink Elephants, too.

You’re going to need some visuals to help you. So grab some magazines, newspapers, junk mail, or anything with pics.

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