Sarah Taylor Talks with Forbes on Team Building for Non-Profits

Yo Soy Ella Inc, founder and executive director Sarah Taylor, had a sit down with Forbes to briefly discuss team building within the nonprofit sector in which she highlighted key takeaways that one should look for within their team building strategy. She expressed this interview was an interesting experience as she shifted from the usual of sharing her primary responsibilities of serving the community towards noting the internal structures that it took for her to continue the course of social impact with her nonprofit for successful 8yrs.

Sarah has repositioned some the organization’s services and programming to meet the demands that the COVID-19 health pandemic has presented. Within the work of mental and emotional wellness, Sarah, along with her team of phenomenal women established an incredible umbrella of services to meet the unprecedented needs of individuals and families who are faced with daily changes that this health pandemic has caused.

Yo Soy Ella, concentrates on the mental and emotional needs of Latina, Black and women of color in which their Covid community response outreach titled “Compassion Above The Crisis” has enabled them to provide 5 sources of services that each uniquely promote mental & emotional wellness. These services range from free counseling support for anyone who’s mental and emotional needs have been exacerbated from this pandemic, to providing local hospitals’ janitorial/custodian staff with custom care kits to acknowledge our appreciation for the overlooked essential workers. Their biggest outreach initiative is the community diaper drive in which they have currently provided baby essentials for 700 families who’ve been financially impacted from the health pandemic. Please show support for this Maven as she continues impact the community with essential resources centered within, “Compassion Above the Crisis.”